Ana Béjar has a special skill. The fact is that any project in which the singer has been involved over the years has been endowed with an aura of distinction and emotion that is difficult not to surrender. This happened in the nineties with the unfairly forgotten Usura and, later on and above all, with that wonderful group that was Orlando, as well as in an endless number of collaborations with other musicians. The magic has remained in force in recent years, with the artist now publishing, under her own name, 'Sahara Star', the third instalment of Ana Béjar's solo work. After several decades in the business, the artist is still in the background, probably because her proposal of wide emotional depth and the extreme care of its elements escapes diametrically from that type of fast consumption offered by many upwardly mobile formations. But in return we are sure that any launch with the artist's signature will be an insurance for the amateur with a nose. Precisely for this reason, and because of her loyalty and respect for her work, Ana Béjar is a rare and necessary warning in our scene. ” - Raúl Julián

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